Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Would Your Teen Use Heroin ?

If you think your teen would never touch heroin, think again. A recent SAMHSA study found that an alarming 40 percent of teens don’t perceive any great risk in trying heroin once or twice, and almost 19 percent of teens don’t perceive any great risk in trying heroin once or twice a week. Unfortunately, heroin is a highly addictive drug that can quickly produce physical dependence and whose strength varies from dose to dose, leaving users vulnerable to overdose each time they use it. If your teen is using heroin, it’s important to recognize the problem and seek treatment right away. 

Drug abuse destroys lives. For adolescents, this destruction can be even more severe and far-reaching. Studies show that people who become chemically dependent at an early age are more at risk for developing addictions that are very resistant to treatment and have a higher likelihood of developing other substance abuse problems and relapsing later in life. Heroin rehab can save your teen from a lifelong battle with addiction.

As you enter into your heroin treatment, your inner dynamics begin to change. It may not seem like it, but even during your detox period, you have started your self-transformation. No longer are you focusing on doing whatever it takes to obtain and use heroin. Now, you are focusing on the future, one which is sober. To explain this better, it is important to consider the types of treatments you will go through.

One of the best programs for breaking a heroin addiction is the 12 step addiction recovery treatment program.  It provides a structured program to reprogram your inner self to resist heroin and the need for it.  You can find a 12 step program rehab center in Los Angeles CA by contacting Above It All Treatment Facility.  We are here to help you with the finest staff in the Los Angeles area.  Let us help you break your addiction.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Free Reign to Make Any Decision

In life, we are pretty much given free rein in most areas of everyday living.  Free rein is defined as the unrestricted liberty of action or decision.  Most of us have free rein to make any decision or to take a course of action every day.  Some of these decisions or actions will have detrimental consequences and others will not.  Some will have short term effects and others will have long term, and perhaps even fatal, consequences.
Heroin abuse is one of those actions that can have long term, detrimental consequences and can even spread to affect our families, friends and others.  Heroin is an illegal highly addictive drug and its use can lead to some devastating realities down the road.  Heroin is the most abused and fastest acting opiate currently in use.  Usually sold as a white or brown powder that is “cut” with another substance such as powdered milk or sugar but occasionally with strychnine or other poisons to make it stretch further.

Short term effects  of heroin include the a surge of pleasurable sensation, also known as a rush,  and an accompanying warm flushing of the skin, dry mouth and a heavy feeling in the arms and legs and may include some vomiting and severe itching.  After the initial effects, users may experience drowsiness for several hours, clouded mental function, slowed cardiac function and severely slowed breathing, sometimes even to the point of death.

Long term effects of heroin use include a sever addiction that becomes a chronic, relapsing disease, acquiring infectious diseases such as hiv/aids and hepatitis B and C, collapsed veins heart problems and arthritis.  Long term effects can also include jail time for most users at some point.

If you have started down the path of heroin abuse, you may want to use your free rein to seek help early and possible avoid some of the conditions brought on by extended heroin use.