Monday, February 13, 2012

Heroin Recovery – Treatment And Understanding

Because heroin is one of the more mentally and physically addictive substances in existence, it’s no surprise that heroin addiction is one of the more challenging addictions to address. As with most substance addictions, heroin abuse involves many emotional and psychological aspects. Though, when these elements are combined with the extensive physical dependency found in most addicts, the challenges or treatment are raised exponentially.

Step 1 – If an addict has agreed to seek help for their addiction, the first step in the recovery process is detoxification. Heroin withdrawal symptoms hit a peak roughly 2- 3 days after last use, and include body aches, vomiting, insomnia, diarrhea and cold flashes. Due to the severity of this process, it is always recommended that an addict enter a detoxification facility prior to attending rehab.

Step 2 – Once the detox treatment is complete, the addict will be provided with a list of treatment options to help continue the recovery process. Look into the drawbacks and benefits of various medications and psychotherapy options and determine which would be most beneficial for the individual in question.

Step 3 – Draw up a treatment plan centered around the individual’s personal preferences and treatment decisions. Studies show a much higher rate of success in addicts who choose individualized treatment programs as opposed to something more “cookie cutter” in nature.

Step 4 – Most heroin rehab facilities encourage patients to keep a daily journal throughout their recovery. In this way, addicts will be able to address emotions brought about in therapy sessions and other aspects of their recovery.

Step 5 – Be patient with your patient. Heroin recovery is a life long process continuing well beyond the confines of a treatment facility. By making a conscious choice to stay loving, positive and committed, you will not only serve well-being of the addict, but yourself as well.


  1. I have to say this place looks beautiful from the pictures I can see why people would want to get help here!

  2. just had a friend pass away cause of heroin :(