Wednesday, March 28, 2012

All About Heroin Drug Rehab

If you or someone you love is considering heroin drug rehab to combat an addiction, having a basic understanding regarding what to expect from the experience is key in achieving a safe and successful outcome. While the road ahead is far from easy, there is hope to those who seek it. In this entry, we will discuss what to expect from a drug rehab experience.


Medications are commonly utilized to help alleviate discomfort and side effects associated with heroin withdrawal. Many heroin rehab centers provide patients with access to medications such as buprenorphine and methadone in an effect to wean the addict from the heroin, while working to ensure a safe and comfortable transition into recovery.


In addition to medications, a heroin rehab will employ a variety of behavioral treatments to help place a focus on the root and nature of the addiction. Therapists will also work to educate patients as to ideal coping skills to use outside of the program to help avoid the risk of relapse.

Residential Programs

Residential programs afford addicts the ability to remain at a facility for a period of 1 – 6 months, depending on the extent of the addiction. Residential programs tend to have higher success rates in patients with escalated drug issues by removing the individual from their comfort zone and immersing them in a comprehensive treatment plan, catered to their individual needs and goals.

Court Orders

Court ordered treatment can be extremely effective in helping an addict turn their behaviors around. When faced with potential legal consequences, many individuals opt for treatment to avoid possible probation and jail time. Court orders also serve in preventing a return to criminal behavior, especially in instances where the individual continues receiving treatment following their release back into the community. 

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