Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Heroin Detox Methods

People who use heroin for an elongated period of time will eventually form a physical dependency to the drug. Heroin is an extremely addictive substance that places the user in a euphoric state by inhibiting the opiod receptors within the brain. The detoxification process for heroin can often result in a number of negative physical symptoms. As such, it is recommended that addicts seek medically monitored detox programs to help combat the withdrawal process.


Detoxification refers to the process of removing unwanted substances from the body. The symptoms associated with heroin detox commonly include strong cravings, bone and muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, neausea, sweating and more.

Residential Care

Locate a reputable heroin rehab center to complete your detox. These facilities will serve in providing you with a supervised, safe and drug-free environment to complete the detoxification process. In most cases, facilities will recommend an extended stay of 3-6 months to help patients adjust to sober living.


Find a substance abuse rehabilitation facility that can provide you with medication to combat your addiction. Methadone is one of the more common medications - used to diminish withdrawal symptoms and reduce cravings. Alternative prescriptions include Buprenorphone and LAAM. Be sure to discuss your options with your addiction specialist before and during detoxification to ensure a safe and healthy detox experience.


Whether you decide on individual sessions, family counseling or a support group, your participation in therapy will do wonders for your sobriety transition. Drug-free behavioral patterns may be developed through cognitive-behavioral therapy along with new and specialized means in dealing with stressful situations.


Many patients find their participation in activities meditation and reading to aid in their detoxification experience. By keeping a focused and positive mindset throughout the process, you will have already begun building the foundation from which to base your new, happy and sober life. 


  1. Love the quote above... "Sometimes it takes a good fall to really know where you stand" - not knocked out but a wake up call!

  2. Heroin honestly scares me like no other!!!!! i honestly respect so much the people and places that help addicts!!!! GREAT post!

  3. I've heard of how awful detox can be. Thank god they have medications to ease the effects.

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