Friday, October 19, 2012

Skin Health & Heroin Abuse

Heroin – a derivative of morphine - is an extremely addictive and dangerous substance. Because heroin is a depressant, the drug works to inhibit the body’s functionality while providing a lowered sense of anxiety and heightened relaxation. In addition to organ damage, heroin has a detrimental effect on the human body, including an array of skin issues.


As a result of a decreased appetite, heroin addict often suffer a loss of essential vitamins, including Vitamins C and A – both of which are used to promote healthy skin. This lack of proper nutrition can also result in a heightened risk of bruising. Addicts who inject the drug will often be seen with bruises surrounding the injection site. This is typically caused by aggressive pressing of the needle to the skin, or simply dull needles. 


Many addicts often experience a short-term crawling or itching sensation on the skin’s surface. Heroin and other opiates work to release histamines, causing itchiness and skin inflammation. Scabs and cuts on the skin’s surface are quite common for heroin addicts due to excessive picking and scratching. Lack of proper nutrition will also cause dehydration, resulting in itchy, dry skin.


When heroin is injected, scars can appear. These particular scars are often referred to as “tracks”. Chronic heroin addiction will ultimately result in increased dose frequency in an effort to achieve the same effect as before. After enough time has passed, toxins can build up underneath the skin. In addition, the excessive skin puncturing will inevitably result in collapsed veins, causing dark, permanent scars.


Heroin addiction can often result in skin issues, such as cellulitis – a bacterial skin infection. Repeated injections will ultimately cause inflammation and skin pain. Injections, especially where dirty needles are concerned, can result in abscesses or boils, seen as deep, pimple-esq lumps. These types of boils will fill with puss, swell, and cause intense pain to the user. If left untreated, these types of injections can result in death. 

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  1. The markings are soo horrible- that's how I found out that my friend has an addiction and was using. Do NOT hesitate to get them help!