Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Does My Teen Need Heroin Rehab?

Heroin rehab is a scary consideration for parents who suspect their teen is using. The drug is synthesized from morphine found in opium poppy seeds, producing a euphoric state in users by mimicking actions of natural endorphins on the brain. Though many users choose to inject the drug, the popularity in smoking and snorting is increasing due to the lowered risks associated with non-needle use. If you suspect that your loved one is using, the following entry will provide you with a few ways to spot the signs.

1 – Keep an eye out of drastic behavior changes. Teens who have begun using heroin may begin associating with a different crowd. Lowered grades and a drop in job performance or attendance may also be cause to take notice.

2 – Many addicts will show various physical changes due to excessive use. Common examples include runny eyes and noses or pupil constriction. Users may also begin sleeping more excessively, while exhibiting signs of lethargy and apathy during waking hours. Hygiene may be low on the priority list.

3 – Look for odd items around the home, such as small baggies, capsules, syringes, or antihistamine packing materials. Take note if valuables or cash suddenly goes missing. If the individual is dealing as well, you may also notice unfamiliar and unexplained valuables in their possession. 

4 – Even dress can be an indicator! Addicts may choose to wear winter-wear during high temperature periods to conceal their injection marks.

What To Do

If you confirm use, it’s important to rectify the situation immediately. Get in touch with a reputable heroin drug rehab facility to discuss potential treatment plans. Heroin rehab centers will be best able to assess and address the addiction at hand, while providing your teen with the tools and resources they need to move beyond their dependency and towards the productive, happy and fulfilling life they deserve.

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  1. every since my friend passed from heroin, I read up on it as much as I can that way I can actually be able to possibly help someone who has an addiction