Tuesday, April 24, 2012

What Happens In Heroin Rehab?

A person addicted to heroin is at high risk for pain, sickness, disease and even death without the aid of a professional heroin drug rehab facility. Heroin, a form of synthesized morphine, is one of the more addictive and potent substances to use today. The drug is classified as a Schedule 1 substance, meaning it is illegal to possess or use due to it’s high potential for addiction. Though this opioid addiction can certainly be overcome, the road to recovery is always a difficult one.

Detox / Withdrawal

Before the real healing can begin, addicts must complete a medically monitored detoxification program. Detox works to remove the drug from the individual’s system while addressing the symptoms associated with withdrawal. The following is a list of common symptoms found in patients moving through withdrawal:


Due to the extent of these symptoms, it is strongly advised that addicts enroll in a medically monitored detoxification to help ease them through the withdrawal process in a safe and comfortable fashion.

Once an individual has completed detox, it’s time to move forward with the heroin rehab experience. Depending on the type of facility, a variety of methods can be utilized to help addicts through their initial recovery. Traditional heroin rehab centers tend to rely on individual and group therapy while promoting a structured, daily routine through various activities and group exercises. Holistic treatment facilities utilize many of the same methods found in traditional rehab centers, but with an emphasis on spirituality and natural treatments.

Regardless of the facility philosophies, the end goal is always a healthy and long lasting recovery. In order to achieve this goal, patients are encouraged to develop a personalized rehabilitation plan or action with their addiction counselor. In this way, patients are able to monitor their progress throughout and beyond the program while keeping their eye fixated on the big sobriety prize. 


  1. my daughter didn't realize all the symptoms you can have from detox till I had her read this article!

  2. Heroin is no drug to joke with and needs serious help from a rehab professional!