Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Alcoholic Defined

In simple terms, an alcoholic is someone who suffers from a dependency to alcohol - otherwise known as alcoholism. This condition is defined by repeated alcohol consumption to and beyond the point of intoxication, despite negative consequences. An alcoholic is physically addicted to alcoholic beverages, and as such, will suffer severe withdrawal symptoms when consumption is inhibited.


When it comes to alcoholics, there are two types to be aware of: Abusers and dependents. Abuse refers to the routine consumption of alcohol that causes significant distress or impairment in one or more areas of an individual’s life. Common occurrences include calling in sick for work, or a DUI charge. Dependency is defined as a alcohol compulsion. With enough time, a dependent will develop a tolerance for a certain alcohol amount in addition to severe withdrawal symptoms.


“Alcoholic” is the most common word used to define people dealing with alcohol dependency or abuse issues. Consumption of alcohol does not need to occur every day or week in order for a person to fall under this classification. College students have long been known to drink heavily, or “binge” on the weekends. And though this behavior is considered abuse, it will often set the stage for dependency issues down the road.


Occupational and/or social functioning is often impaired by both types of alcoholism. Common features include poor work performance, strained relationships and a preoccupation with obtaining alcohol, often leading to rampant financial issues.


Simply put: Alcoholism is a wretched condition. In the initial stages, alcoholics will experience bouts of intoxication resulting in memory and attention loss, slurred speech, and coordination issues. Once a drinker’s judgment has become impaired, reckless behavior often follows.

Prevention / Solutions

Fortunately, alcoholics are not at a loss when it comes to recovery assistance. At our Los Angeles drug rehab facility, recovery specialists are available to assess and address each patients individual goals and needs to help ensure a healthy and effective plan of action. Give Above it All a call today and let us help you back on track towards the happy and productive lifestyle you deserve.


  1. Sadly there are a lot of 'alcoholics' out there- who are in denial and consider themselves social drinkers but it's much deeper than that

  2. For me I have always tried to understand why you would ALLOW yourself to become addicted to such a toxic thing. Watching my friend change by every minute depending on what drink she had was heartbreaking. DENIAL was the hardest thing to get through to her! But she finally admitted she had a issue and has been in rehab for 115 days so far :)

  3. I have grown up with an alcoholic father and it was seriously so hard! Since I was of age I try to seek help for those who are suffering from this!

  4. Getting addicted to drugs and alcohol can result in serious health effects. Fortunately, these type of addictions are diseases that can be treated. Consulting a good alcohol recovery centre is the only thing you need to do. They have professions who can bring back your normal life.