Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Opiate Receptor Restoration

Opiate addiction is one of the most difficult to overcome. Opiate receptors, activated by opiate compounds and consisting of cellular membrane proteins will eventually become clogged over an extended opiate use period. In some cases, extensive therapy is required to restore these receptors to their natural state by utilizing specific medications in a 12 step addiction recovery program. Restoring and cleaning these receptors may be a challenge, but with a basic understanding patients can begin the process independently.

1 – Purchase herbal supplement blends proven to aid addiction recovery. Polygala – from China – has often been touted as a willpower her due to the positive effects experienced in addicts recovering from addiction. In essence, this herb works to detox the body while cleansing opiate receptors.

2 – Consider incorporating a Dragonbone and Bupleurum supplement mix. Throughout the detox and withdrawal process, this mixture has been seen to aid in stabilizing compulsiveness or addictive behaviors while dulling opiate cravings.

3 – Locate a specialized California drug rehab center that deals specifically with opiate addiction. Here, a team of addiction specialists will be able to assess and address your individual needs while concocting a plan of action to ensure a healthy and long-lasting recovery.

4 – Perhaps the best and most effective form of receptor restoration lies in opiate abstinence. With enough time, the protein receptors will begin to regenerate and regain normal functionality. Though the time needed to achieve a full recovery varies according to patient history and usage, this tactic will ultimately provide the individual with the results they’ve been striving for.


  1. My father was addicted to opiates when I was a child and I saw a side of him that truly scared me. If all this information was out back then I'm sure he would have recovered a lot sooner. But I am happy he has been sober 15 years! :)

  2. I've seen too many fall victim to opiates. Hope you all take the time to work with one of Above it All treatments professionals. They are literal LIFE savers!

  3. We have different types of addiction and we also have different types of treatments from different races. We have the rehabs, interventionists and so on. I think we should set focus also on the contributing factors, on the causes, and how to prevent addiction. We have solution, to during and after of addiction, how about the before.

  4. Opiates are such a scary thing. I couldn't even imagine being addicted to them. I have to say these posts are so informational and educational that just reading them makes me never want to try any type of drug!