Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cravings – How To Fight Back

Addiction is a devastating condition that negatively impacts lives and ruins relationships. Gaining the ability to efficiently ward off cravings to use and mean the difference between recovery and relapse. In this entry, we will offer up a few guidelines to help combat the urges and maintain sobriety.

1 – Contact a designated counselor, family member or friend when you feel the need to use. Choose a person you can trust – someone with whom you can discuss your cravings when temptation shows its face. Simply taking the time to discuss your feelings is often the best way to address the craving.

2 – Jot out a list of activities to distract yourself when cravings hit, and refer to the list whenever need be. Your list could include anything from a light jog around the block to video games or creative pursuits.

3 – Think about how using will make you feel during comedown, or the cash you will miss later on. Considering the negative consequences your use will bring about can help address the temptation in an efficient and effective manner.

4 – Throw yourself into new activities. If you've been using large quantities of drugs or alcohol or a long time, you will likely find yourself with a large quantity of free time on your hands once you quit. It is imperative that this void is filled with positive activities and interests that benefit you in a physical or psychological fashion.

5 – Opt out of people, places and experiences that will tempt a relapse. Though it will be difficult at first, this commitment is essential to escaping the spiral of addiction.  

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