Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Steps To Recovery

Put simply, there are 2 effective methods to overcome addiction and 5 steps to recovery. In this entry, we will dive head first into the details of addiction, recovery and beyond.


Perhaps the most obvious and effective way to combat addiction is through complete abstinence. Many users, however, are simply unable or unwilling to kick the habit right away. The alternative is a moderate continuation of the addiction though medical monitoring, therapy and perseverance. In this way, the addict is able to gain control of the addiction over time.


1 – Awareness and Early Acknowledgement

The initial stage of recovery is defined by an awareness by the addict that an issue is, in fact, apparent, and that action must be taken to address the problem properly. During this process, the addict’s perspective must be shifted from a denial stage to cooperative manner in combating the addiction full-force.

2 – Consideration and Research

Once the addict has engaged a willingness to seek professional help, stage 2 involves an increase in understanding and knowledge by the addict regarding the realities of the addiction and precisely how it affects both the lives of those surrounding them as well as their own.

3 – Exploration

The first real recovery stage, exploration defines the point where the addict commits to a clear and healthy recovery.

4 – Early Recovery

While still new to the recovery process, the addict immerses themselves in a full recovery from which a new life will be based.

5 – Activity and Maintenance

There is no clear end in sight for stage 5. For many addicts, recovery is often a life-long struggle. Once an addict reaches the 5th stage, they are responsible for their own actions, thoughts, feelings and relationships. In this stage, addicts learn how to live without the burden of addiction

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  1. Every step is so important. If one truly cares about having a sober lifestyle you cant "skip" or get through it in a hurry. Thank you for this post!