Monday, July 1, 2013

Types of Drug Addiction Therapy

Drug addiction therapy is performed by trained substance abuse specialists who understand the intricacies of dependency and addiction. These counselors work to assist the addict in an effort to find alternative means of combating life’s problems while determining short- and long-term goals for continued recovery. 

Inpatient Therapy

Inpatient therapy is facility-based. Treatment decisions regarding patients are made by a team of specialists on an ongoing basis according to the individual’s needs and progress. Physicians nurses and counselors are involved with the addict’s care alongside a psychiatrist, if needed. Inpatient treatment typically involves both group and individual counseling in addition to medication.

Outpatient Counseling

Outpatient therapy programs provide patients with an alternative to inpatient therapy while allowing the addict to live outside the confines of the treatment facility. Patients are generally evaluated on a week-to-week basis, and provided instruction and counseling on how best to accomplish short- and long-term goals.

Half-Way Houses

Most every half-way house includes some form of addiction therapy. This option can prove useful in helping residents learn healthy and positive life skills without the struggle and temptation associated with solo living. Patients are provided with individual therapy and group counseling daily. Once a patient has completed their stay, they should possess the tools and knowledge needed to self-sustain.

Private Counseling

Drug addiction therapy may also be performed on an individual or family basis. Sessions may touch on a variety of topics, including triggers, healthy living, relapse prevention and relationships. Private counseling is often recommended for recovering addicts who have completed rehabilitation in an effort to encourage and maintain positive decision-making.

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