Monday, December 24, 2012

Behind Teens & Drug Use

Teenage drug use is perhaps one of the most serious issues facing our great nation. While pot is the most common substance among this demographic, it is far from the problem that cocaine, meth and heroin can be. In order to grab hold of this issue, we must first study the reasoning behind it.


Obviously, there is no one answer to explain teenage drug use. However, several common traits are often shared between these adolescents. Curiosity is an easy one. Children and teens are curious individuals by nature, and tend to push boundaries more than individuals in their 20s and 30s. The more often teens are subjected to stories about the effects of these substances, the more intrigued they become.

Peer pressure is yet another reason many teens opt to experiment. Though many scoff at the mere notion of peer pressure, it is important to note that this factor does not necessarily come from a group of friends actively pressuring someone to experiment. More often than not, this “pressure” is felt passively via the desire to “fit in” and be part of the crowd.


A look back into a teenager’s personal history may provide insight as to where they began looking for escape. Many studies have pointed to abuse or neglect as reasons for early adolescent experimentation. The pain caused by these factors will often create a void… one that can easily be filled by drugs and alcohol.

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  1. Having a child who is 10 and approaching her teenager years scares me. Watching these intervention shows and reading articles like this scare me like no other! Teens are having sex and doing drugs so so so young! What happened to society? Why are our kids forced to grow up so early?