Monday, December 10, 2012

Find a Heroin Detox Program

Heroin detox is the first and most important step in ridding yourself of one of the world’s most addictive, dangerous drugs. Without the right heroin detox program, addicts often fail in their attempts to get clean.

Aren’t all heroin detox facilities basically the same?

Not at all. Heroin detox centers vary in how they handle the difficult withdrawal symptoms associated with the drug. Some heroin detox centers, for example, offer “rapid detox” or “detox in a day” services that are downright dangerous. Rapid detox centers often use general anesthesia as part of their speedy detox, but in a 2005 Columbia University study, that methodology led to multiple patient deaths.

Heroin withdrawal symptoms can be nasty. The good news is that high-quality heroin detox or opiate detox programs will give clients medication designed to ease these symptoms. Still, recovering addicts may experience one or more of the following during detox:  Nausea, Body Pain, Insomnia, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Sweats and Cold Flashes.

Getting a cavity filled isn’t the most enjoyable experience, but letting it grow and ultimately rot, you’d be in much more pain by the end of the day. Just like you’d want the best dentist to handle that cavity — someone with the proper level of experience and commitment to minimizing discomfort — the same requirements should be sought in a detox facility.

Deciding on the right rehab treatment center is a very important decision. It can make the difference between someone being successful in recovery. Most drug rehab centers are good. The question becomes how you know if it is the right treatment center for the person. The right criteria to use should include: staff, quality of the program, reputation, and their rate of success.
At Above It All Treatment and Recovery Center, we are here to help you walk the road to relapse free recovery.  We take the time to design a program that is centered on you in order to give you the best chance of a successful recovery.  Contact us today and find out how we can help you.

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