Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Brain Chemistry Repair Following Addiction

While the physical symptoms of heroin withdrawal typically peak between the 1-3 day mark, our brain chemistry often takes far more time to fully recoup. Many addicts experience bouts of intense anxiety and depression for some time following cessation. As such, users are placed at high risk of relapse. Repairing this brain chemistry over time offers recovering addicts a better chance of long-lasting recovery, while working to lessen the relapse risks.


1 – Schedule a consultation with a drug rehab in CA that specializes in heroin addiction. Be prepared to communicate all aspects of your addiction, including use history, previous mental illness problem, and your concerns regarding withdrawal and recovery.

2 – Make sure to follow instructions pertaining to medication and treatment. Discuss your current medication needs alongside any potential timing issues to ensure you receive the full benefit.

3 – Begin attending 12-step meetings on a daily basis. Prioritize your meetings above all else, while asking for support from friends and family members. Locate meetings that are located around your work and home to ensure that you’re never far from help.

4 – Begin including any and all follow-up counseling and treatment appointments in a planner and be sure to keep them. Communicate any changes in your mood, including instances of anxiety, depression, or cravings with your addiction counselor to help ease your stress levels.

5 – Purchase and take daily vitamins to aid in the replacement of necessary nutrients diminished by your addiction. Not only will these vitamins aid your physical recovery, but help address imbalances in your brain chemistry. 

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