Friday, December 21, 2012

Drug Addiction’s Effect On Society

When it comes to addiction, the negative effects stretch far further than the addict themselves. Friends, family members and society as a whole must take on the burden; each playing their part on emotional and financial levels alike. In this entry, we will discuss the role addiction plays in our society.


Child neglect, family dysfunction, citizen endangerment and divorce place stress on the institutions of church, school and family.


Inefficiency, absenteeism, health insurance costs, pilferage and training expenses place strain on corporation budgets alongside an economy whose operation is dependant upon their profitability.


Drug-related crimes are often violent, disruptive, and random, causing a need for specialized law enforcement teams, services and equipment that ultimately drains funding from other pertinent community assets. In addition, drug-related offense cases muddle the court systems, ultimately delaying enforcement productivity.

Public Welfare

Preventative and restorative justice programs, parole and probation services, social work, specialized physical therapy and vocational rehabilitation are programs funded by hard-working taxpayers.

Public Health

Diseases such as hepatitis B and AIDS endanger the population, while increased emergency room dependency from patients drains public health resources.

Hazardous Materials

The public’s cost of addiction is only heightened by expenses associated with drug testing programs for convicted felons and employees, as well as hazardous waste cleanup for illegal drug processing and production.

Public Impairment

It’s no secret that impaired drivers cost lives. The more users there are, the higher the risk that someone will get hurt.


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